Loot Train
Welcome to the loot train. Where we love to get loot.
Salvete! sumus thesaurus curriculum
Monthly jumping puzzle train. Come for the achievements and stay for the chests. We will run the puzzles with all those that want to learn, and for those that are jumping impaired we offer portals to the end.
Gathering train. Come and hit all the permanent rich nodes. Join us as we run through the lands stripping them bare.
World boss train. They made this one real easy with the timers. We make sure to do the pre-events so these things happen on time.

The many faces of your fearless leader.

Cuddly Claws
Cuddly Claws Guardian/Dragon Hunter
Lovable and cuddly always up for a quick dungeon or fractal run.
Currently favoring the dagger/warhorn combination. Always a blast to hang out with.
Arcane Glims
Arcane Glims Mesmer/Chronomancer
The master or portals. Started running a Jumping puzzle train and it became a thing