Jumping puzzles:

The mesmer Jumping Puzzle train.  We take our mesmers to the top of the following puzzles and offer ports up to anyone who is in the area.  We will also teach those who want to know how to jump them.

June 25th 9:30pm server time:

  • Fawcett’s Bounty and Revenge Harathi Hinterlands: [&BLIAAAA=] Arca Waypoint
  • Spekk's Lab [BDcBAAA=]
  • Branded Mine Fields of Ruin: [&BEsBAAA=] Helliot Mine Waypoint
  • King Jalis’s Refuge Snowden Drifts: [&BLUAAAA=] Highpass Haven Waypoint
  • Griffonrook: [&BOgAAAA=]
  • And more.